Does your agency need experienced developers?

We have been building Web solutions and setting up
servers already since 1999. Today we are outsourcing
our know-how to other agencies so that we can focus on
what we love — writing code and hacking bits.

Your projects, our code and execution.

We have over 20 years of web development

Our passion is code. We think in code. We have been involved in development based mostly on PHP, JavaScript, Python, HTML, and CSS for over two decades. Tools like jQuery, Angular, Node and many others that have come and gone — we have been involved with Full-Stack Web Development since the birth and growth of today's modern Internet  and have worked with most of the common technology stacks over the years. Our experience is extensive. 

WordPress and Odoo are the platforms on which we have often set up websites and back-office solutions since we retired our own homegrown Content Management System in 2014. 

In addition to writing code, we feel relatively at home in Linux server and Docker container management. There were also times when we had our very own small server park to manage.

We have grown with these technologies and have used them daily to build modern web solutions for business clients.

Already since 1999.

In addition to our long experience, enjoying our work is our best guarantee of quality. We always do our best to be proud of the absolute highest quality result as a specialist. Your project is in good hands because we just like to work on it and polish every little detail to the best shape.

We love tinkering with code, learning, and building, twisting bits and bytes

From 2023, we, therefore, want to focus only on technical activities related to web development.

We have permanently wiped off our desks all other tasks such as sales work, project management, etc.
We are 100% focused on what we do well. Building. As your good partner.

Does your agency also expect work to be carried out with meticulous precision and uncompromising quality? Do you hand over the work to the client only when you can be proud of the result yourself? Also, us.

Need web, code, or other technical stuff?
Let's get to work!

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For the sake of clarity and efficiency, we prefer a written first contact. We guarantee quick and comprehensive feedback to all inquiries or proposals. After that first contact we are more then happy to hold group and video calls and remote work virtual meetings at preaarranged times.
For a quick phone call please dial (+372) 712 1182


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