Custom tailored Software Development and Server Solutions.

We develop stunning digital solutions that will grow your business and help you to stay ahead in a competitive modern market. Since 1999.

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Who We Are

We are software developers, lifetime technology enthusiast and we love what we do.

Our company is based in Estonia, a country called ’the most advanced digital society in the world’ by Wired. And we have additional active South-East Asian branches in Cambodia and Philippines. Creating modern e-services and IT solutions since 1999. "Think Digital" is hard-coded in our DNA. And we love a challenge.

As a team we choose our members carefully. It's not enough to be awesome at IT. You must live by The Guild's Code. Both inside and outside of the office.

What We Do

We write the Code and build the Infrastructure that makes your Business run.

We are specialized in Node, Angular, JavaScript/TypeScript and PHP software development for web, desktop and mobile platforms. And to run your Online Business, BackOffice or other e-services with maximum efficiency, we also offer custom tailored VPS and Dedicated Server solutions.

Contact Us

Let's turn your idea to an even greater product. Get in touch today. +372 602 7662

Company info

ALL-TEC Group Ltd.
Reg. code: 14119294


Vana-Posti street 7
Tallinn, Estonia
European Union